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Episode 17 – Finding Your Inner Energy – “The Big Leap” Book Review

Today we are focusing on finding your inner energy: Many people haven’t asked themselves “what do I really want?” in regard to their lives.  This is where our theme of energy comes in … Energy comes from within when we love and enjoy life We have found 3 authors that share unique perspectives on how […]

Episode 14 – Cut Your Workout Time and Gain Muscle

Download: Cut Workout Time and Build Muscle Disclaimer: This blog and podcasts are not designed to and does not provide medical advice, professional diagnosis, opinion, treatment or services to you or to any other individual. The information provided in this site, or through linkages to other sites, is not a substitute for medical or professional […]

Episode 13 – Is Death the Single Best Innovation of Life

Welcome! Today we will be talking about life and death. Do innovations that extend life make life better? Would it be wonderful to find the secret to living forever?  Some very smart people are working on it. Most of us strive to live healthy and we spend a lot of money on health. The industries […]

3 Ways to Change Your Mindset: Reframe, Deal, Think Positive of Future

3 WAYS TO CHANGE YOUR MINDSET: REFRAME. DEAL (i.e. YOU CAN HANDLE THIS).  THINK POSITIVE OF FUTURE. REFRAME. What is reframing? Reframing is a general method of changing the meaning of something and thereby changing your mindset and how you handle the situation. Because so often your happiness is down due to your outlook, not […]

Episode 10 – Interview With Glenna Crooks At Sage My Life

For today’s podcast, we have a very inspiring guest who is a true innovator:  Glenna Crooks, PhD, CEO and Founder of the company: SageMyLife. She is also author of two books that will be released soon: The NetworkSage: Realize Your Network Superpower and The SeniorSage: Aging-Well-in-Place. The biggest question that we work to solve everyday […]

Episode 9 – The Value of Caregiving Part 2: Caring for Aging Parents

With parents living longer and the burden of care takes many forms within a family. During this phase of life, we explore from personal experience strategies to cope with caregiving for aging parents.   Show Notes Caregiving to Elderly -Burdens Financial burden One national study on women and caregiving highlighted the conflicting demands of work […]

Episode 8 – Caregiving Part 1: Daycare vs. Nanny

Today’s episode is part 1 of a 2 part series on caregiving. In this episode we will talk about some of the interesting statistics of caregiving and then get into pros and cons of daycare vs. nanny. Some interesting statistics: Caring for a family member or loved one is one of the toughest, most demanding, […]

Delegating a Routine to Caregivers – The Importance of a Family Routine

Routines are key to helping manage chaos in my house. Not only are they great for my sanity but they also provide a consistent schedule with each caregiver on what to expect throughout the day. Routines give children security amongst a world of unknowns and create a sense of self discipline. With their constant milestones […]

Podcast Episode 7 – Life Hacks with Linda, Melissa and Mary – Part 2

Today we will be continuing the discussion on Life Hacks or Life efficiencies learned with Melissa, Linda and Mary A series of questions into the world of your podcast hosts (disclaimer: subjective and there were no double blind studies done – just one person’s view of life and to be taken as a grain of […]