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Episode 12 – Shut Up And Say Something: Interview With Karen Friedman

    About the Expert: Karen Friedman Karen Friedman is an international communications expert who has worked with professionals on four continents.  She is the author of the best-selling book, “Shut Up and Say Something,” and the recently released book, “Ordinary People: Extraordinary Lessons” which is available on Amazon.  Karen’s expertise has been recognized across […]

Episode 10 – Interview With Glenna Crooks At Sage My Life

For today’s podcast, we have a very inspiring guest who is a true innovator:  Glenna Crooks, PhD, CEO and Founder of the company: SageMyLife. She is also author of two books that will be released soon: The NetworkSage: Realize Your Network Superpower and The SeniorSage: Aging-Well-in-Place. The biggest question that we work to solve everyday […]

Podcast Episode 4 – Creating a Powerful Network

Today, we are speaking about the targeted networking and looking at the way of mastery of networking effectively, and how to do networking to actually master a skill. Ever been frustrated with networking? Feel like you invite others and constantly give to others but no one gives in return?Have you had a situation where you […]