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Episode 16 – What energizes you?

Our focus for 2018 is  Energy.

The way we define ‘energy’ in InnovateOLOGY terms is a way to describe what drives your inner soul and defines your purpose. We all have likes and dislikes and they are all uniquely coded to each individual. As we each find our energy, we look to questions to ask ourselves to clearly define our mission. These are just a few questions to start to open up the door to the beginning of finding your super powers.

Today we will be answering a series of questions to around ‘energy’ and try to find a correlation of what drives your inner fire in life.

What energizes you?


  • Let’s look for themes:
    • In life:
      • Connecting with others that can raise my awareness
      • Good conversation that is uplifting
      • Personal achievement through athletics or building a business – the journey
      • Challenging others to do what they thought was impossible
    • At work:
      • Simplification and refining process till it works
      • Align & lead teams to work together
      • Learning new technology and applying  it to help organizations achieve their strategic objectives
    • Interests:
      • French activities meetup, Lifetime fitness, Entertaining
      • Communities you are apart of: French, sports, business development,
      • What do you enjoy doing where time flies and you could do this day after day: Creating visuals that tell a story, creating a website, creating something new, development of a new


  • sense of harmony – when there appears to be a sense of all pieces moving in a harmonious flow whether in nature, in personal and business relationships, in society, in personal health, sensually (visual, audio, taste, smell, touch)
  • examples: birth of healthy baby, designer home, Thanksgiving celebrations, alignment in all aspects of my life
  • learning and new insights – when there is a sense of being on the edge of creative breakthrough in thought, expression; when breakthrough thoughts and ideas of others catalyze thoughts and ideas for me, and then my thoughts and ideas give birth to more new thoughts and ideas from others and it becomes a very exciting life space
  • examples: collaboration with others on project teams such as evolving scientific learnings to form new products that improve lives. painting. reading. listening to podcasts. constructive arguments and debates. sometimes chaos.
  • sense of contribution value – when there is the sense that what I do well is bringing value and advancing a goal
  • example: being my mother’s caregiver because I am a good listener and I tend to be very patient and I am happy to have an opportunity to give back to her for all she has given me.
  • example: chaos – the disruption of order and predictability – has often brought out my creativity in terms of problem solving and discerning a productive adaptation strategy


I found that for me they fell in 3 categories:

Living with nature

  • Being quiet
  • Walking in nature
  • Oil painting from life out in some field with miles of views
  • Being next to water like lakes or maine coast
  • Start back with the basics that you need good sleep good food you want to feel alive and enjoy the wonders of life along with helping others.

Being intellectual or gaining knowledge

  • Feeling motivated to create in business
  • Reading books on past artists and art
  • Reading motivational books
  • Learning about new ideas/ putting ideas together from different areas


  • Being with family get togethers
  • Laughing with friends
  • Friendly competition

What drains you?


  • In life
    • One sided conversation
    • Negative Nellys
    • Shopping and purchase decisions
  • At work:
    • The talk of layoffs
    • Vendors that need micromanagement
  • Dislikes
    • Long meetings with no purpose, controlling environments,
    • Watching tv, coaches that can’t be held to deliverables
    • Communities you can’t relate to: Referral groups,
  • What do you dread? Cleaning my house, organization of my desk, shopping


  • sense of being attacked, diminished, devalued
  • rigidity
  • moving bar that squashes your spirit and makes effort to flourish futile


  • Disorganization
  • Feeling things should be perfect when they don’t have to be
  • Things that are undone or my undones
  • Hearing bitterness or hate in people
  • Financials
  • Worrying about others. Esp. My parent’s health
  • House cleaning
  • Watching TV
  • My own negative feelings. I am trying to embrace those negative feelings that you’re trying to avoid such as feeling alone or insecure. If you don’t face them head on you will continue to live unhealthy or crave things.

Extra Credit … 

What do I get so excited about I want to tell the world about?


  • When I discovered a new process
  • When I made a new group and can relate
  • When I accomplished the unthinkable


  • new learning or insight or experience that offered great value to me and that I believe would bring great value to others too
  • example: life plan, mindfulness, simplification, systematization, art, music, places traveled

What do I do that I feel less tired after I start?

  • A really well organized workout
  • Figuring out how to break down a complicated process

What drives me? What am I passionate about?

  • Watching break through
  • Figuring out complex problems
  • Not thinking like others
  • Being around smart people that challenge each other
  • Pushing myself past my limits


  • What do you want to do? Seriously take away the guilt of what should you be doing based on those that surround you.
    • Lead others to see they have amazing talents and not to shut them down when they enter their day job
    • Find a way to be able to take a month off each year to recharge
    • Find a way to integrate more time with my kids and automate processes
  • What are you missing in life? What do you dream about?
    • A sense of independence and feeling connected to myself
    • A better way to day dream during the day and truly help others directly
    • Better balance with spending time with my kids and passing critical learning

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