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3 Ways to Change Your Mindset: Reframe, Deal, Think Positive of Future

3 WAYS TO CHANGE YOUR MINDSET: REFRAME. DEAL (i.e. YOU CAN HANDLE THIS).  THINK POSITIVE OF FUTURE. REFRAME. What is reframing? Reframing is a general method of changing the meaning of something and thereby changing your mindset and how you handle the situation. Because so often your happiness is down due to your outlook, not […]

Episode 10 – Interview With Glenna Crooks At Sage My Life

For today’s podcast, we have a very inspiring guest who is a true innovator:  Glenna Crooks, PhD, CEO and Founder of the company: SageMyLife. She is also author of two books that will be released soon: The NetworkSage: Realize Your Network Superpower and The SeniorSage: Aging-Well-in-Place. The biggest question that we work to solve everyday […]

Podcast Episode 4 – Creating a Powerful Network

Today, we are speaking about the targeted networking and looking at the way of mastery of networking effectively, and how to do networking to actually master a skill. Ever been frustrated with networking? Feel like you invite others and constantly give to others but no one gives in return?Have you had a situation where you […]