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Episode 17 – Finding Your Inner Energy – “The Big Leap” Book Review

Today we are focusing on finding your inner energy: Many people haven’t asked themselves “what do I really want?” in regard to their lives.  This is where our theme of energy comes in … Energy comes from within when we love and enjoy life We have found 3 authors that share unique perspectives on how […]

3 Ways to Change Your Mindset: Reframe, Deal, Think Positive of Future

3 WAYS TO CHANGE YOUR MINDSET: REFRAME. DEAL (i.e. YOU CAN HANDLE THIS).  THINK POSITIVE OF FUTURE. REFRAME. What is reframing? Reframing is a general method of changing the meaning of something and thereby changing your mindset and how you handle the situation. Because so often your happiness is down due to your outlook, not […]

Podcast Episode 7 – Life Hacks with Linda, Melissa and Mary – Part 2

Today we will be continuing the discussion on Life Hacks or Life efficiencies learned with Melissa, Linda and Mary A series of questions into the world of your podcast hosts (disclaimer: subjective and there were no double blind studies done – just one person’s view of life and to be taken as a grain of […]

Podcast Episode 4 – Creating a Powerful Network

Today, we are speaking about the targeted networking and looking at the way of mastery of networking effectively, and how to do networking to actually master a skill. Ever been frustrated with networking? Feel like you invite others and constantly give to others but no one gives in return?Have you had a situation where you […]