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Bilingual Family – Teaching Kids a Second Language

In today’s world, every parent dreams of giving their children a head start in life. As a way to give my kids a head start, I wanted to give values of a second language. I learned French as a second language and I am strong enough with understanding vocabulary and can conjugate most verbs on the fly in present or past tense (not perfect by any means). As a challenge, I started to review French lessons and come up with fun ways to teach French to my kids starting at birth. At home, I only speak French. So currently this means repeating commands and reading super easy books in French and reviewing animal sounds. Below are some very easy songs with sub titles that I have found to be very useful to help pick up the language and have a catchy tune. My oldest now says some of the words and hums along to the tunes. While it takes a lot of interaction, singing is one of the best ways to pick up a language.




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