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Definition: To have new brilliant ideas about how something can be done

Verb ó  in no vate ol ogy ó ‘i-ne-vat-al-ge

We are all born to innovate and we all have a talent we can give back to the world. InnovateOLOGY is a resource to help you get the clarify, courage and the inspiration to transform with strategies for optimizing your performance in life. Learn, innovate, transform.

What exactly is InnovateOLOGY?

Innovation is a new idea, or more-effective device or process. Innovation can be viewed as the purpose of better solutions that meet new requirements, unarticulated needs, or existing market needs. This is accomplished through more-effective products, processes, services, technologies, or business models. At InnovateOLOGY we take a holistic look at life and try to apply the practices to inspire others to make something great happen whether it is in your day to day life, career, or a new product or service.

Whenever you catch yourself saying well this how it always has been done or its too hard…think InnovateOLOGY.

Don’t conform to the accepted ways of approaching life’s problems.  Following the accepted norm of solving life’s problems can sometimes come with heavy costs: lingering problems, passions stifled, talents ignored, and opportunities squelched.

Break free of the traditional thinking around what the solutions should look like. Be disruptive. Change your story. Take some risks. Push yourself. Have focus and clarity.  Be confident. Your own mindset can impact everything you do is powerful – if you can “innovate” your thinking, you’re more likely to excel at solving your life problems. 

Who is Mary Michael?

My name is Mary and I am a combination of technical expertise with creativity. I grew up in Seattle, learned to speak French when I moved to France and just recently made a transition back to the states. When I am not a working mom of two, I enjoy competitive sports such as swimming, biking and running. Part of my life themes has been around not just surviving but thriving and most of this comes through creative thinking and embracing innovation.

I am a constant innovator and always looking for how I can make a product or service to serve others and improve my own life’s problems. Tending to go against the odds, I was interviewing for a new job during the 3rd trimester of pregnancy and was negotiating while in labor with not just one offer but 7 offers! In life, I have learned to never fear failure but see it as a way to innovate and transform the situation into my favor. It takes courage to do bold adventures and transformations in life, and learning to silence the negative voice inside one’s head is what I believe allows us to achieve greatness in life. Celebrating and validating the little wins each day is what gets us to that larger goal.

Who is Linda “Lo”?

I’m Linda. I grew up in the Philadelphia area. Today my life includes a husband and 3 adult, step-children who are Canadians living in Western Canada. When in corporate, I was on the road 20%-50% of the time, so, for most of my life, I had no pets, no husband and no children. Still, no pets unless you count spiders and the occasional centipede!

My energy comes from creative problem-solving. In business, I always like periods of chaos in marketplaces because that’s when the universe (and management!) is most receptive to invention. For me, sheer joy is working collaboratively with creative thinkers. It is a thrill to see how many minds can come together and realize the formerly unimaginable

Who is Melissa Miller?

Hello! My name is Melissa. I grew up in the suburban Philadelphia area and most of my life have worked in marketing, advertising, and strategy roles. For clients, I love helping them to identify their brand or company strategic vision and build key commercial strategies and actionable tactical plans to drive growth. When not working or playing, I enjoy hiking, nature, art and adventure travel. I read about a few books a week on health, art history, philosophy, business and/or personal transformation.

In work and in my life, I get a thrill from generating new ideas; creative problem solving; sharpening my skills; and exercising my brain.  I believe everything you need is right inside you; you don’t need to look outside. No one is you and that is your power. I like William Shakespeare’s quote: “The meaning in life is to find your gift. The purpose is to give it away.”

How InnovateOLOGY began …

While in the process of innovating a new product and not sure where even to start, I started networking but soon got caught in my own silo. Not having a chance to bounce ideas and create a clear direction, I took the wrong path and ended up learning much from my mistakes. This blog is not only for sharing successes but the many failures it took to make a success but also how to seek validation for your idea and testing it before launch. Also, we hope to share some processes for improving your life and helping you get the clarity you need to get to the desired goals faster.